Iberagro is a young, fast growing company, operating on Georgian market since 2018 and specialising in planting of perennial plants. Our company has strong partnership with different leading Spanish agricultural companies which allows us to implement their knowledge, experience and know-how in our projects. All our farms are led by the best Spanish and local agronomists in order to obtain the perfect results.Our main groves are located in east Georgia, on 700m above sea level, in warm climate area with significant rainfalls even during the driest month.







We are focused on safe and sustainable almond production, utilising the latest technology to produce ‘more crop per drop. We also offer hazelnut directly from local farmers

Our fertile fields are perfect for cultivation of root vegetables such as potato, carrot, beet, onion as well as for flowering plants.


Sunflower farming conditions in east Georgia are very favourable. We have hot summers and plenty of good irrigation water for producing high quality seeds.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and supporting the communities where we operate. This includes investing in state-of-the-art irrigation systems and creating pollinator habitats.





The key of success of our farming is full circle management, which is very dynamic and results-focused.



  • SOIL PREPARATION  : Crop quality greatly depends on soil composition. It is therefore important to add decomposed manure or compost which, in addition to improving soil structure and composition, will supply nutritive elements required by the plants.

  • PROPER PLANTING PRACTICES  :   As with all trees, giving them a proper start in life is the key for their future success.

  • PRUNING : Pruning young almond trees determines their future shape, and therefore their productivity and the quality of the nuts produced. It’s important to get it right to ensure a good harvest.

  • PESTS AND DISEASE TREATMENTS : Almond trees are particularly susceptible to soil-borne diseases, such as the fungal disease Verticillium wilt. This causes all kinds of drama for growers around the world every year, and enormous economic damage for commercial growers.

  • FERTILIZING/HOW TO ACHIEVE OPTIMAL PLANT NUTRITION  : Determining fertilizer needs for newly planted Almonds is challenging. This is due to the desire to grow the trees as fast as possible while considering the risk of uptake burn and irrigation system inefficiencies. It is essential to determine the optimal fertilizer plan, the amount and type of nutrients.




















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